My History

I remember weekends with my grandmother embroidering and watching her painting, afternoons at my grandfather’s house, a great collector of classical art, playing chess, dressing up with my friends in elementary school with the fabrics my mother used in her dresses, Disney movies with my family.

It is said “to see with the eyes of a child”, well, I am lucky because I still observe with those eyes full of wonder and I can be touched by a completely hand-made embroidery tombolo or a hidden seam stitched with great wisdom.
I live in my own world of dreams, poetry and romance, but also with my feet on the ground. Since I was a little girl I loved this world and at the age of 15 I started making my own creations.

A few months after graduating in “Technical Industrial Design” at the “Politecnico di Milano”, I registered my brand in Europe, Russia and UAE, I opened my Atelier, I hired my trusted collaborators and now we make your dreams come true.