A Meeting That Changed My Plans

On 21.09.17, during Milan Fashion Week, I went with some friends to Amfar strictly in “SP” and I met there Mirko, a lovely guy, who asked me to tell him about my clothes and so I did. I knew nothing about him.

The next day I was at White to exhibit a brand I had designed for and, at the end of the day, I got a call from Claudio Volontieri, a very smart guy in the fashion world and a friend of Mirko, who wanted to see me. I rushed straight to him in the showroom in Via della Spiga and he fell in love with my clothes.

I remember that as soon as I left Via Manzoni, while I was calling my mother, two girls passed by with designer shopping bags and I thought “one day my name will be there”.  That week I registered my brand “Sofia Provera” in several countries.