Come and discover our wonderful world of lace with its many shades, colors and consistencies, to find the one that will capture your heart and that will be “painted” on your skin thanks to the rare Italian craftsmanship who make each of my creations.

You can have a very interesting time choosing with me which lace meets your desires and budget in order to transform it on your body by the wise hands of our Première and seamstresses.

Hand Painted

The painting is a distinctive element of my world, thanks to the passion inherited from my grandmother who used to paint wonderful oil paintings.

This special detail fades into our lines with different essences: from denim, to jersey, to tulle, to pure silk organza and to duchesse satin. It can be a small painting on a shoulder strap that gives that extra detail to a day dress, making you feel special at a lunch with friends or it can be the key element of your wonderful evening gowns and even your special wedding dresses.

You can choose with my painters the colors and shades that will be the protagonists in your hand-painting, made on one of our three looms or even on your body, to make your “SP” garments even more special and unique.

Embroidery and Precious Stones

Our creations are made on our looms in the Atelier and are embellished with wonderful hand-made embroidery, with needle and thread, bead on bead with the skillful use of the hands of our embroiderers, after several preparatory drawings to achieve the most beautiful and harmonious design.

Our embroideries are made with shiny and opaque beads that come from historic Milanese suppliers of 1923, Swarovski of different shapes and sizes, threads of pure silk Como and, for an embroidery even more exclusive, sophisticated and special, precious and semi-precious stones such as amethyst, topaz, aquamarine and tourmaline.

You will be able to choose with me how to realize your embroidery, selecting the beads and semiprecious stones you will fall in love with, just as I fell in love when I was a child when I went to “Preziosa”, a wonderful fair of stones, thanks to the passion handed down to me by my great-grandfather who gave me part of his collection.